Love on a Higher Frequency

Elevate Intimacy & Connection in Life & Romance

Creating Space for Individuals & Couples to Awaken to Their Full Potential Utilizing Psychedelics as a Tool

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will disappear.”

~ Lao Tzu ~

It’s time to go beyond what you’ve been taught and what you think you know.

You’re a grower, and new experiences will deepen into a new level of trust for change. You’re ready to explore discomfort. Expansion is on the other side of fear. You’ve read the books. You’ve taken workshops. You’ve met the therapist or coach. 

Now you are here. Welcome. 

There comes a point when it’s no longer about external input. This is about what comes through you. It’s time to get to know yourself in a whole new way so that you, and your partner, can live an even fuller life. Independently, and together. 

Psychedelics are the new frontier for healing, depth, and connection. Ask us about therapeutic studies if you’re unsure. 

We are Jade & Hayley…

Jade has spent 15 years studying personal development and coaching, various spiritual philosophies, working in advertising and marketing, plus engaged in loads of inner work (NLP, psychedelics, body messaging, relationship coaching, spiritual mentorship). Hayley is the mother of four beautiful children with an innate talent for seeing people for where they’re really at. We live in Southern Alberta with kids, cats, chickens, and bunnies.

Psychedelics expand the space between the thinker and the thought, the observer and the observed.
It’s in THAT space that truth can really be heard.

Psychedelics excavate what’s ALREADY alive inside of you.
They help you dig deep into your inner wisdom to forge a stronger connection to those around you, to God/Source, to what you do, and to who you REALLY are.

If you’re still reading, you’re likely in the right place. 


I have gone through immense change over the last year and a half after my marriage of 15 years ended and my work on me began. I have learned so much over this time and have grown in my willingness to try new things… things that my old self would never have contemplated.

After a few months (okay six or eight) of hesitation, I took the leap and asked Jade to be there for my first journey, and then my second.

Jade is cool, calm, and collected in the most peaceful and accepting way. She provided a safe and
welcoming environment for me. She was willing to talk when I wanted to and leave me alone when that was needed, too. She is a wise soul who clearly wants to help others in their growth journey. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jade as a support for anyone who is wanting to go deeper into their own soul to search for their own truth.

~ Anna ~

Jade is a natural coach who holds space for people in a very unique and loving way.

She creates a space where you can show up as your authentic (messy?) self and work through any issues while she listens without any judgment, observes and then offers a question that subtly shifts your perspective and helps you see something that you may not have seen in the past.

Her inquisitive nature, pursuit of growth and desire for helping people become more connected with themselves and others is a true gift to this world.

It’s been a true pleasure and joy working with her.

~ Michelle ~

I love Jade. She is connected to herself, intense, intelligent and ready. She is truly a servant of humanity in so many ways. If there is anyone that can help you become a better person and live a more whole life, Jade can do that for you.

~ Ben ~

Jade is incredible. She made me feel so comfortalbe and provided me with everything I needed to have a beautiful journey. I look forward to working with her again! <3 <3

~ Fefe ~

As a skeptic on the topic of self-help and coaching, I found myself pleasantly surprised with the keen insights Ms.Stevens provided me with. Beyond room for improvement, she promptly directed me to the root of my problem (financial) and helped me to face it head on. Looking at my insecurities through a fresh perspective, helped me regain a strong foothold on my values. She pinpointed precisely where and how this problem stemmed from and 5 years later I’m not only debt free, but I have a healthy savings. I did put the work in day by day, moment by moment, but she illuminated the pathway for me.

~ Chris ~

Praise for Jade.

I came to Jade hurt, a wounded victim leaking my power in an insecure state of sad despair, asking for help. Together, peaceful, silent, stillness, our words gently revealing my unattractive existence. My essence hypnotized by a fearful selfishness. Now, I understand, I forgive, I feel compassion for my spirit. I adventure, I explore, I discover, I live. I am powerful.

Your recommendations have changed my life. Thank you.

~ George ~

Jade has a depth of understanding, care and humility that is truly unique. Her dedication to emotional freedom shines through in her ability to hold space and be with others in their challenging moments in a balanced and supportive way. Which helps you to feel safe, encouraged and powerful while taking personal responsibility for your own emotional, financial and spiritual growth.

Working with Jade you will discover deep insights about your own inner nature as well as achieving clarity around situations you may find yourself in and helpful ways to navigate those situations with positivity and grace. 

~ Sarah ~

Experience More Community, Connection, and Clarity.

Setting the Stage


Meeting others on a similar path, or with wisdom in the psychedelic space is paramount for optimal growth. This is about intergration. This is about support. The conversations afterwards are the most beneficial.  There is power in being witnessed. This is about growth-and you will grow, and a community provides that safe place to navigate all the ins and outs that accompany that.  


It’s no secret that loneliness has become an epidemic. Men and women are having a harder and harder time connecting. Distractions are everywhere. It really is easier to Netflix and Chill, or bury ourselves in work.

Your relationships are the core foundation of your life. Especially your relationship with yourself, your lover, and your creator. 


Clarity comes with intention and focus. No matter what your reason for engaging with medicine is, those two factors will help bring the clarity you’re seeking.

Exchange of Presence

Think about the last time you truly and meaningfully exchanged presence with someone, especially your lover. Were you able to show up authentically, feel seen and heard and provide the same?

This is where the magic happens… in the moments where there is a true exchange or presence. Vulnerability open to being witnessed by yourself, by an other, or even God.


We strongly encourage honouring where you’re at and what comes up. Nothing is bad, wrong, or inappropriate. It’s just information until your thinking applies labels to it. Get in front of that and apply the label of ‘acceptance’ so that you can keep moving forward and not get caught in the weeds. 


Often, the simple process of infusing a conversation with intention can make all the difference. The same goes with Psychedelic journeys. Many have a story from high school where things went sideways and the experience wasn’t enjoyable.

We’re here to debunk the myths and set you up for not only an enjoyable experience, but a transformational one.


The book The Secret brought the ideal of using your imagination to manifest what you want to mainstream culture, but it was missing a really important component. Action. It’s a co-creative process, not a demand. 

Plant medicines ignite the power of envisioning the future we want to create while blowing past previously limiting beliefs.


Here’s where the action comes in. If you want to make shifts in your life, you MUST know what you want and take serious action towards it. (Look, if you don’t know what you want, someone else will fill in the details.)

Integration also includes taking applying and/or processing what came up for you. This is part of the reason we suggest a minimum of 6-8 weeks between journey’s. 


Service Options

Creating Sacred Spaces for Growth


Jade hosts solo journey’s in Calgary or Lethbridge areas. Typically, she will come to your home but other arrangements can be made.


Jade & Hayley host couples sessions together in Calgary or Lethbridge areas.

They also partner with a community if you’d like to make additional connections with other couples on a similar path.


Hayley & Jade host 1 or 2 day camping excursions. Depending on your situation, various options are available.

Please contact us for details. 

Jade also offers coaching without psychedelics.
*Medicine not provided.


Meeting on Psychedelics in the Forest

Psychedelics were the foundation of our relationship from the very beginning.

In the summer of 2020, when the world was shut down, I decided to join 7 other people to Waterton, Alberta back country for an LSD journey. As we wondered along a trail (fully into our journey) towards a waterfall, Hayley appeared. I remember looking up and seeing a woman’s silouette backlit by the beating hot afternoon sun. She was wearing a designer dress, hiking boots, and carrying an old Vans backpack.

I had my 3 month old kitten on a leash pretty preoccupied by, well… everything. (If you haven’t tried LSD in nature, it’s breathtaking.)

She wondered past us a few times, saying hi, chatting for a brief moment, then carrying on. She ended up passing us a few times before stopping, curious who we were and what was going on. Eventually we let her know we were all on LSD and she burst out laughing.

Her and a guy in our group exchanged numbers, we invited her to join us next time, and said goodbye.

About a month later, we headed back down to the same area for another journey. Hayley joined us… and well, the rest is history. How’s that for a connection experience on Psychedelics! Lol.

Sunset on the day Hayley and I met. Photo by Cory.

Our passion is helping you discover more about who you are and to deepen into yourself and your beloved.


Reflector • Coach • Investigator

Jade has an insatiable desire for knowledge and is an avid explorer of the human experience including spirituality, philosophy, health, relationships and the interconnectedness of it all.

Jade began an annual ritual with LSD in her 2007 after hearing Terrence McKenna speak about how the mind ‘locks in‘ at age 27. Psychedelics help to keep those pathways open. So, every year on her birthday, her and a few friends would go to the Rockies for a date with ‘Lucy‘.


Observer • Nurturer • Guide

Hayley creatively finds new ways to reach your goals by looking at systems and patterns. A mother of 4, passionate about growth, whether it is in her family, the garden, animals, gaining much of her knowledge through spending time in nature.

Hayley has experienced first hand what its like to be transformed utilizing psychedelics with the support of Jade-as the forest is where they met. A unique story which, where psychedelics contributed to developing the foundation to a growing healthy relationship.


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