The Rise & Thrive Podcast

A message from your host, Jade

Life is too short to do things you hate. Period.

At Rise & Thrive, we believe in CURIOSITY as a driving force to an optimized life.

“I have no special talent, I am passionately curious.” ~ Einstein

So many people spend their days doing things they would give up in a heartbeat if they believed that they could.

Retirement… Pension… for many, that is the dream. The ultimate achievement and goal.

Well, that’s changing as more and more wake up to the fact that we are creative beings with unlimited potential.

We’ve all heard the quote from the bible “God created mankind in his image”, and that means that we are all creators.

So, let’s get curious and thoughtful about life and what we choose to experience.

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.” ~ Ken Robinson

Let’s get creative by understanding that we do make the CHOICE as to how we experience life.

A great way to get curious is to engage in conscious conversations.

You may have noticed SIPSANG on the homepage of this website.

A good friend and mentor created it and hosts it weekly, every Thursday at 7:00pm MST.

There, we sip red wine and delve into discourse on a pre-selected topic.

The Rise & Thrive Podcast is built on a similar philosophy (thank you Tym) where we explore common and uncommon topics with the intention of opening our minds and thinking just a little bit differently about things.

The curious mind is ACTIVE.

Curiosity awakens interest, motivation and the feeling of being alive.

It widens the mind and opens it to different opinions, lifestyles and topics.

Being curious keeps us present.

Your mind is the path to freedom, it can set you free.

Viktor Frankl taught us this in the most intense way… he found peace in the concentration camps and lived to write ‘A Man’s Search For Meaning’.

With this freedom comes joy, and ultimately, peace.

My aim and purpose is to encourage deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Enjoy xo