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Ecstatic Dance LA


Ecstatic Dace LA

A Community That Loves To Dance

Transcending language, cultural and personal barriers, Ecstatic Dance enables millions to connect through freeform dance and music all over the globe at regularly scheduled substance-free gatherings.

If you’ve never tried Ecstatic Dance, I highly recommend that you do. It is such a freeing, transformative experience. My girlfriend, Jesse, was ranting and raving about it and so I tried it this past summer at our local festival of medicine, Sangha.

During the 2018 Autumn Equinox, I hosted my first live event at Mission Fitness and had the lovely Kylee Dawn end the weekend with an hour of her curated Ecstatic Dance experience. 

Ecstatic dance is for those looking to develop intimacy with their bodies, with their transformational practices and with their community. It’s a solo activity, but the more people involved raises the experience to higher levels. 

It’s something that I will continue to integrate into my life and have found massive value in my experiences.