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Kyle Cease

Why You Need To Stop Saying What People Want To Hear
Kyle Cease on Impact Theory

Why You Need to Stop Saying What People Want to Hear

Kyle Cease has had a big impact on me, this video in particular. He blends comedy with personal development and is so fucking real and raw. He’s refreshing and captivating. He has a book out called I Hope I Screw This Up.

The first few chapters are like nothing I’ve ever read. This book feels like permission to wade through the uncomfortable, somewhat embarrassing, icky sticky darkness in search of your own truth and have it be ok to not know what you’re doing. Your willingness to dive into this gooey unknown is a step towards freedom and ultimately more joy in life. ~ Jade

Former standup comic turned transformation expert, Kyle Cease helps people evolve through ditching their “old story”. He started performing stand up comedy at the age of 12 and was headlining by the time he was 18 making him one of the youngest headlining acts in the country. He is the author of the bestselling book “I Hope I Screw This Up” and on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, you’re going to see how the story you tell yourself may be the wrong one.


Why Kyle doesn’t prepare or plan [2:20]

The difference between goals and intentions [5:09]

How to get rid of your past story [8:00]

How to break out of the process of repeating your old stories [11:45]

The 2 voices you have that decide your life [14:56]

The building blocks of a healthy self-story [18:11]

The story of Kyle’s mother passing away just 6 weeks before the birth of his daughter [19:23]

The story of how Kyle personally had to release an old story [21:37]

“I feel like if I planned ahead you wouldn’t be hearing me, you’d be hearing something I prepared.” [2:24]
“We live in a world where we don’t say what we’re thinking. We say what people want to hear.” [3:21]
“Life can mirror what your intention is” [5:26] “If you undo yourself from the old story, you can change really fast.” [7:38]
“Society’s kind of crazy.” [7:38]
“I really believe that no person has ever broken your heart, but they break your expectations. And by breaking your expectations, they get you closer to your heart.“ [21:56]