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Sipsang Segments #8 – Objectives

Tym shares how having goals and objectives may actually be holding us back and how we can collaborate in different ways. If you’re in a creative role with the work that you do, you won’t want to miss…

Sipsang Segments #7 – Resurrection

Last week we looked at the HEROES JOURNEY and this weekend just happens to be Easter Weekend. Resurrection is an extension of our HEROES JOURNEY conversation which happens to fit…

Sipsang Segments #6 – Heroes

Tym shares what the HEROES JOURNEY is and how valuable the concept is for those who are looking for a better and more meaningful life. You may find yourself in the middle of a heroes journey…

Sipsang Segments #5 – Beliefs

Tym is in the profession of helping people examine their beliefs. We examine the paradoxes related to beliefs and the idea that the beliefs we don’t even know about are the ones that are really running the show. 

Sipsang Segments #4 – Discipline

Last night was a deep and rewarding conversation regarding discipline and different ways to look at it. One of our two guests this week came away realizing that discipline doesn’t have to be a four letter word.

Sipsang Segments #3 – Pressure

Tym teaches us that we can grow quartz crystals in our pineal glands! He also takes us through a quick introduction to intentionally moving our cerebrospinal fluid which helps us to raise our consciousness.

Sipsang Segments #1 – Pain

Tym explains why pain is a great opportunity to pivot. We also explore pain as an acronym that helps you move through pain and more. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Sipsang Segments #2 – Doubt

Learn the 4 elements of doubt and antidotes to each of those. We also came up with a fun acronym to help you move through doubt when it comes up in your life (because it will!). 

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