Jealousy Masterclass

$97.00 $33.00


Take Control of the Chaotic Ripple Effect That Jealousy Has on Your Relationships and Life

A 6 part video training delivered directly to your email.

*Starts Monday July 20th, 2020

Are you sick and tired of over reacting because you’re jealous of your partner’s friends? Or of your co-worker? Or family member? Or someone you don’t even know? 

Would you like to Learn to Tame the Monser Within?

Join me in this Masterclass to learn how to take control once and for all.

1. Respond vs React
Control Your Inner Demon

2. Examine
The Root of Jealousy

3. Let Go
Master Your Story

4. Investigate
A Quest for Emotional Intelligence

5. Emotional Release
Cultivate Your Energy

6. Focus & Reframe
Improve Your Happy Quotient



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